Sex, Lies and DVDs by Lynne Logan

The Wild Rose Press


Reviewed by Jambrea



Paige Knowles is tired of being a virgin and she is going to take care of it the only way she knows how: she is going to hire an escort.

Ryan White has been sent to investigate Paigeís involvement in a piracy ring, but he is starting to lust after her and it is affecting his job.

Will a case of mistaken identity bring these two together, or will it break them apart before they have a chance?

Sex, Lies and DVDs is a wild ride!  Ryan is trying so hard to be good, but his lust for Paige is strong.  When Paige mistakes Ryan for her escort, he just canít help himself.  I love Ryanís character and his struggle with himself over Paige.  Lynne Logan did a wonderful job of writing a hot story with great characters.


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