Seduction of the Phoenix by Michelle M. Pillow

Zhang Dynasty, Book 1

New Concepts Publishing



Reviewed by Georgia



During a traditional bride selection ceremony, Prince Zhang Jin is “compelled” by a ghostly ancestor to choose a completely unsuitable woman. Although he knows this, he can’t seem to resist the pull of this foreigner. As he begins to know her, he discovers much to desire about the secretive woman, but will his desire bring about the destruction of his family and way of life?

Francesca La Rosa is on a mission. As one of the best thieves in the galaxy, she knows she could get the Jade Phoenix and begin the destruction of the Zhang Empire. In her eyes, the Zhang family lives in gilded cages, following tradition with no understanding of the consequences of their actions. Yet Jin is more than she ever bargained for. How will she ever complete her mission once she gets to know the man behind the princely façade?

Seduction of the Phoenix is a journey filled with twists, turns, and sizzling heat. Jin and Francesca are two completely different people, yet they have very similar beliefs, wants, and needs. As they discover more about each of their respective pasts, they grow as characters and you just want more! Ms. Pillow is wonderful at describing the emotions in each of her characters. I truly enjoyed watching Francesca evolve to become a completely different royal than ever before in the Zhang Empire. Follow along as these two grow, fight, and love.


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