Seduction In Black And White by Jamie Craig

The Master Chronicles, Book 4

Amber Allure

Gay / Ménage (M/M/F) / BDSM / Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60272-162-3

Reviewed by Ley



Gideon Keel, Jesse Madding and Emma Coolidge return in the 4th installment of The Master Chronicles series.  Jesse has worked for Gideon for years and recently they have become lovers forming a three-way relationship with Emma, Jesse is happy and satisfied with his lovers, but he wants more especially from Gideon.  Jesse wants to know more about his vampire lover’s past especially the woman he loved and lost, but no matter how much he asks, Gideon continues to withhold the information.  Jesse’s opportunity to obtain that information arises on a rare and much needed vacation for the three of them. 

Leaving Chicago for three weeks of fun in NYC, the perfect place for a creature of the night and his human lovers, Jesse encounters a man from Gideon’s past who is more than willing to offer up what he knows. 

I was hooked and drawn into Seduction in Black and White from the first page.  I really liked Jess and Emma, but Gideon had to grow on me. My initial impression of him was not very likeable.  My feelings were solely based on his actions toward Jesse during their sex scenes, but after a while I was able to see the Gideon that Jesse and Emma loved.  I was not aware that this story was part of a series and not being familiar with the previous books I was floored by some of the graphic BDSM scenes and the villainess torture scenes. They were harsh, brutal, gory and so well written that I couldn’t stop reading them.  I give props to the talent of Jamie Craig, writing such an intensely suspenseful and complicated story that holds a readers interest such as this one has held mine can’t be easy.  And for the record, jumping into this series in their 4th installment is not something I would recommend, even though I was able to grasp the storyline, there were names, events and little nuisances of significance that escaped me.  I most definitely would have gotten more satisfaction from the story if I read the prequels first.  Be warned Seduction in Black and White doesn’t hold back on anything, this is a very graphic story, but also an enjoyable one.


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