Ellora’s Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction, Volume IV by Jory Strong, Anna J. Evans, B.J. McCall, Katherine Cross, Lynn LaFleur and Natasha Moore

Ellora’s Cave

Fantasy/Paranormal/ Futuristic/Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419912702

Reviewed by Lisa



“Best of Both Worlds” by Anna J. Evans

Busty, blonde Melissa has finally found a guy who seems to like her personality as much as her body.  Short, balding James works with Melissa in a casino and they seem to have something special going.  But then some strange troll looking men show up, James starts glowing and the weird men are shooting a blue ray light towards the two.  Either Melissa is dreaming or life is getting totally crazy!

“Best of Both Worlds” hits the ground running and doesn’t stop for a breath.  The fast pace makes for a slightly confusing start but once the players are sorted out it is wild and fun and holds the reader until the last sentence ends.


“Death-Speaker by” Katherine Cross

A gift or a curse allows Dr. Alison Laney to see the last moments of someone’s death.  Ali is called to a crime scene after the horrific murders of three young women and sets into motion events which lead her to Nathaniel, a man yet not a human.  He can answer her questions about herself but Ali may not like the answers to her questions.

Intense, dark and brooding, “Death-Speaker” is a stark look at fallen angels, Nephilim and almost demons.  While Ali and Nathaniel are fascinating characters, the explanations that drive the plot aren’t completely clear.  It is an interesting premise never fully explored.


“Diverted Destiny” by Lynn LaFleur

Heavy traffic and heavy snow prompt Marina Black to take a side road to speed up her drive to her sister Ginger’s home.  Blinding snow leads Marina to a driveway, then a huge house and to Tain Remington and his assistant Deon. Tain needs to go into town for a drink but Deon feels that Marina will be perfect.  After all, he only needs a sip mixed with an orgasm or two and Marina won’t remember in the morning.  Only a true mate will retain her memories so what’s the worry?

“Diverted Destiny” is a smooth, sexy tale of fated lust and love.  The story flows beautifully, the carnal adventure sizzles and I totally enjoyed Marina and Tain’s awkward courtship.  It’s fun to watch Tain stumble and Marina grumble.  The journey is worth the trip!


“Silk” by B.J. McCall

Pilot Lisin Silk loves flying solo through the star systems.  Silk’s current job is a pickup from Cefr Max, an underground penal colony of a prisoner who must be someone scary since her ship has been specially outfitted with a unique cell.  His name is Rhys Adon and he is a mindbender capable of controlling humans and computer systems alike and he has no intention of being transferred to another prison.  He just has to get through to Silk, talk to her mind or seduce her if he has to mind to mind.  Something happens when they connect and the winner may ultimately be the loser in this battle between the two of them.

Smooth as “Silk” and three times as sexy in this provocative and sinfully exciting story.  The build up in mind sex and emotional bonding make this a very satisfying story to read.  The strong characters, sexual encounters and plot makes “Silk” a total class act from beginning to end.  I would love to share my mind with Rhys anytime, day or night.


“Taste of Honey” by Natasha Moore

Sitting in a bar nursing a beer and a broken heart, Jake Manning was thinking about his friend and his wife leaving for their honeymoon.  Shauna Montgomery was miserable but walking away from Bobby was the smart thing to do. Trying to make Bobby jealous while flirting with Jake, Shauna gets turned on by the cowboy.  Jake and Shauna then keep upping the stakes and the temperature until it’s just a question of who cries uncle or who goes up in smoke first between these two alpha personalities.

A chance encounter makes a “Taste of Honey” all the sweeter to enjoy.  This is one hot and imaginative tale of need, desire and sexual satisfaction.  Watch the rough cowboy and the uptight businesswoman collide and combust.  The cowboy ‘twang’ is a little too thick but the bedroom scene is something else.  Opposites do attract and all it takes is a “Taste of Honey”.


“Winter Dragon” by Jory Strong

Her Elven father is dead and now her scarlet Dragon mother and family have rejected her because of a mark appearing on her palm.  Ember strikes out on her own to live her life in a small cottage deep in the forest.  On her journey a unicorn she knows directs her to a naked man lying in the snow surrounded by unicorns keeping him warm.  Airik of the blue Dragons is injured when Ember takes him to her home.  Two unique beings have been brought together by fate.  Now it is up to them to fulfill a special destiny or deny the love of a lifetime.

Author Jory Strong only knows how to write a winner!  “Winter Dragon” is a marvelous tale of kindred souls meeting by chance and holding on tight to something so very right.  The characters explore sizzling sexual lovemaking that heat up the reader as well. “Winter Dragon” will keep you glued to the pages as Ember and Airik’s passion develops and matures into something special.


Overall Seasons of Seduction, Volume IV is a great anthology and I enjoyed the quality of writing talent from the various authors to the different stories themselves.  I loved checking out the latest from some authors I already love and finding some that I haven’t had the pleasure of reading before and now knowing to look out for them in future.  There is definitely something for everyone in Seasons of Seduction!


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