Scratching Post by Terri Pray

Loose Id

Shape Shifter, Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-635-4

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Emmie’s mother warned her to stay away from male shifters.  They leave you high and dry after a steamy ride between the sheets.  The last thing Emmie wants is a broken heart, or worse, to be left alone to raise a child by herself.  The surest way to appease her heat cycle is to escape into the city where she can seduce human males, thereby taking the edge off her body’s hunger.  The urban bars are the perfect hunting ground for willing victims until she captures the attention of a male shifter.

Theron Graves is a bounty hunter who stumbles on Emmie’s scent when she’s out cruising.  One whiff and he decides to track her down.  His instincts will not let the matter rest until he claims her.   Soon after, Theron cannot keep from rushing into emotions and needs associated with wanting to keep Emmie all to himself, and not just for a night or two.

Will Emmie take a chance despite her mother’s words by giving into her need for Theron?  Or will distrust and local rivals come crashing in to ruin what could turn into something more than a passing possibility or one-night fling?

Scratching Post struts its stuff with well defined characters and a rock-solid plot.  Ms. Pray drives the story at the right pace, which gives you time to relate to Emmie and Theron.  Scratching Post scores high by expressing concerns in male/female relationships and what makes this feline pair both human and “other”.   Falling in love can bring out anyone’s doubts and insecurities.    While Emmie and Theron are at the top of the food chain, they still manage to become casualties of passion when love turns predatory. 


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