Scout Ďní Cole by Ciana Stone

Hot in the Saddle, Book 3

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419912948

Reviewed by Indy



On her first no-kill hunt since the murder of her grandfather, Scout Windrider finds herself paired up with a sexy ranger who reminds her she is still a woman deep down inside. Coming from a family of males who are all happy and wedded, Cole doesnít know if he will ever find that special person, or if she will be just as special as the women his brothers have been blessed with. The sparks between Scout and Cole are tangible from first touch, and Scoutís inner spirit tells her that Cole is something extraordinary. Soon the pair find themselves in the middle of a murdererís playground with bodies being found all over the mountains and with an animal in need of saving. Scout has a special bond with animals that evolves as the two race against time to save a wounded lion and, as open minded as he is, Cole will have a lot to come to terms with before he and Scout will have a chance at something lasting.

I started this book at a disadvantage not having read any of the previous stories in the series. Not that they were needed to get the full story I love starting from the beginning and knowing all the previous stories. In Scout Ďní Cole there is a blend of contemporary mixed with paranormal that eventually becomes a story of a shapeshifter. Which to be honest is where I started to lose my excitement for the story. I think Ciana Stone started out great with the paranormal twists and heroines ability to communicate with animals I found interesting. When the story took a turn into the shapeshifting department it seemed a little like overkill. Still a good story just too much being thrown in, which made the flow of the plot a little off in my opinion. Outside of that aspect the story is something Iím sure fans will enjoy even if they do agree with my view on the excessive genre blending. 


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