Scorpio Tattoo by Jude Mason



ISBN:  1-59426-994-7

Reviewed by Jambrea



Jessica Cane has a starring role in Jonathan Rorke's dream.  Jonathan needs to save Jessica before the tattoo on her back is complete.  Can the two figure out what is going on before Jessica becomes the next victim in a series of tattoo deaths.

Scorpio Tattoo is wild!  That is the only word I can think of to describe this intense story.  It is told in the voice of Jonathan as he first dreams of Jessica and then finds her and saves her life.  This is the first book that Iíve read from just the heroís perspective and it was very interesting.  Jude Mason did a wonderful job of bringing Jonathanís protectiveness to the forefront.  He is a strong character and Jessica isnít too shabby either.  After her experience, her will is still strong and she is a great match for Jonathan.  I liked how Ms. Mason gave me a feel for Jessica even though the voice of the story was Jonathanís.  The reason I chose the word wild to describe this book is because of the ending.  I wonít give it away, but the ending of this book is wicked and wild.  It is something that you will never expect and it will make you goÖhmmm. 


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