Scene for Three by Mike Shade

Torquere Press

Contemporary, BDSM (m/m)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-244-7

Reviewed by Beth Anne



Joe works at a club performing as a Top in BDSM scenes, when he meets Master/sub couple Vic and Robbie.  Joes stage name is Whiplash, and hes well known for his abilities on stage, but he does not live in the lifestyle outside of work.  At their first meeting, Joe is drawn to Vic and Robbie and their quiet, intense relationship.  Vic and Robbie were at the club to meet someone in the lifestyle and want to play.

As Joe gets to know the couple, he finds Vic is a retired fireman who lost his hearing in an explosion and Robbie is a Computer Designer with anxiety disorder.  The Master/sub relationship between Vic and Robbie is subtle, but Vic keeps Robbie grounded and Robbie helps Vic.  Due to Vics hearing loss, the dynamics of their relationship is not the expected traditional dominate/submissive type, as Vic and Robbie have learned other ways to communicate.

Scene for Three delves into a Master/submissive bond forged through love and understanding.  Vic and Robbie seduce Joe from all sides, using their physical relationship as well as their emotional ties, and Joe is quickly enamored.  I enjoyed learning how one top could find love and acceptance, and some really hot sex, in a well established relationship between another top and his submissive.  I liked Scene for Three more so because of the love expressed rather than the focus on the BDSM lifestyle.

Note:  Scene for Three was first published as a Single Shot by Torquere Press in December 2005, and re-released as a Single Shot Classic January 2008.


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