Scarred Hearts by Vonna Harper

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419909450

Reviewed by Indy



Having her family ravaged by death, depression and illness Charil Ross has one focus in mind now. A champion motor-cross racer sheís a legend in the racing world with a powerful enemy sheís dedicated to bringing to justice. Meeting a dark, commanding man named Range wasnít in any of her plans. Range is an animal masquerading as a man, one willing to provide his services to the highest bidder as long as it doesnít involve him personally pulling the trigger. His bruised spirit speaks to Charil in such a way itís frightening. Too bad Rangeís sole focus is his current payday and can a relationship even work for two individuals with such profound baggage.

In a story that Iím sure will have mixed reviews Scarred Hearts is about a man and a woman who meet during what is basically a crime taking place. The fact that Charil falls for her kidnapper Iím sure wonít go over well for those who only want love under the best of circumstances. I think the background of this love story is what made this a phenomenal read for me. Love isnít always pretty and bright. Range is a bad boy, but as dark as his past and present are heís still the best fit for Charil. For me I didnít see an issue with love that evolved from what most would consider horrendous circumstances since the author made sure Range never abused Charil even if he wasnít always clear with his intentions. Both Charil and Range come from compelling backgrounds that added to the bookís appeal and gave depth to their personalities. Vonna Harper did an excellent job in creating a dramatic story, full of passion and tense excitement and one Iím sure to read again in the future.


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