Saving Gracie by Kara Lynn Russell

An Orchard Hill Romance

The Wild Rose Press

Inspirational Romance

Reviewed by Katherine



It should have been the happiest day of her life.  Gracie Randall was marrying Steve.  They had dated sporadically since school, and today should have been the culmination of all those years together.  Instead, he had used their honeymoon tickets, with one of her employees no less, and had left Riley O’Neil to pick up the pieces.

The three of them had been friends for years – Riley, Steve and Gracie.  Riley would have liked to further his friendship with Gracie, but because of her on again – off again, relationship with Steve, he had never pursued anything.  Now, he had to give Gracie the news that he was certain would break her heart, while at the same time realizing that she was available for him.

Saving Gracie is a very sweet story about a man who has long held back his feelings for the woman he loves.  It tears him apart to have to hurt Gracie by informing her about Steve’s betrayal.  I absolutely adored Riley.  It was wonderful watching Riley and Gracie finally come together.

Saving Gracie is a story in the Orchard Hill Romance line, but stands on its own.  The books revolve around Pansy Parker and Misty Green, two bickering ladies of the church determined to outdo each other in matchmaking. 


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