Savage Retribution by Lexxie Couper

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-506-3

Reviewed by Indy



To say Regan Thomas is an animal lover would be an understatement. An animal activist, Regan is willing to risk her own hide if it means one less animal will experience the cruelty of companies using them for research. Her latest escapade should have been a simple in and out adventure: release the animals and get out of there ASAP. Finding the largest wolf sheíd ever seen was only the beginning to a night of mishaps which resulted in the events that would forever change her life. Declan OíConnell is a lone werewolf, having lost his clan, friends and worst of all his family his quest for revenge against the wolf responsible is something he lives to see. Declan never counted on the interference of the Regan and the knowledge that only he can prevent her from experiencing the pain of wolfen enemy as he and Regan try to outrun the wolf willing to harm and main anything in the name of science and revenge.

Having read some of Lexxie Couperís earlier books I was salivating at the thought of picking up her latest paranormal offering. Savage Retribution is a story staring an Irish werewolf and a feisty human that seems to hunt out trouble at every turn. Staying true to its name Lexxie Couper provided an awe inspiring tale of a growing love marred by a brutal enemy intent on eradicating Declan and willing to use his love for Regan to do it. The villain in the story, Epoc is one Iím sure readers will be slow to forget, vile and maniacal, his attempts to use Declan and other beings in his quest to create a super werewolf made him a creature that was easy to hate. As I would expect from the woman who brought us the kick-butt series Shifting Lust, Lexxie brought the heat with tons of action, dramatic events and loves scenes that set fire to the seat of your pants. What really made this story shine is the heroine Regan, for all that she went through her tough spirit refused to be squashed, willing to take on the bad guys at every turn she was a perfect match for her wolfen lover. Iím sure readers who enjoy their stories laced with dramatic flair will find Savage Retribution is just what they were looking for.


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