Saucy Minx by Ann Cory

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN:  978-1-59578-396-7

Reviewed by Jambrea



Minx has a crush on Holden, but she doesn’t know how to get his attention.  It is like he doesn’t even know she exists!  He comes in to her work every day for pizza, but he just studies, eats, and leaves.  She comes up with a plan to use an aphrodisiac to get his attention.

Holden keeps going to the same pizza place and sits at the same table every day just so he can see Minx.  He just doesn’t have time to invest in a love life right now, but something keeps pulling him to ask Minx out.

Will Minx’s aphrodisiac work?  Will Holden find out?  Can this unlikely pair find true love?

Saucy Minx is just that, saucy.  Ann Cory knows how to make me laugh and I love that in a story.  Not only does Ms. Cory know how to make me laugh, but she also knows how to write a sexy tale of love.  She adds just the right amount of tension, love, lust, and laughter to make Saucy Minx one I want to read over and over again.


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