Running into Trouble by Emy Naso

The Amorous Adventures of Sarah: Book 1

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Erotic Adventure (M/F)

ISBN: 1-59998-244-7

Reviewed by Sabella



Sarah Green is getting out of town while the getting’s good – her current sugar daddy just got into serious trouble with the law over the source of his money and Sarah is not sticking around to see how that ends.  Driving aimlessly takes Sarah to a coastal town where she manages to entangle herself in all sorts of trouble just by attracting attention to herself… So, now Sarah is half of a private detective team, a suspect in a murder investigation and two factions of rival gangs have her in their sights.  Will Sarah ever manage to have a trouble free day?

The Amorous Adventures of Sarah: Running into Trouble is an entertaining erotic adventure book that packs a lot of action.  Sarah has the body of a bombshell and the brains of something smarter, but she is still bounced around in life by the actions of others and her own flighty nature.  Within a short space of time Sarah arouses the interest of mobsters, becomes a PI and manages to sleep with one of the mobster’s underlings and be threatened by an assortment of people.  While the random paths that Sarah’s mind takes are full of surprises, she comes across as shallow and fickle so it’s very hard to care in any meaningful way about the outcome of her adventure.  The plot and prose style are different from the norm, but in the end these things failed to make this book engaging.  However, The Amorous Adventures of Sarah: Running into Trouble is an entertaining read for a day you are looking for a fluffy and raunchy read that will take you away from reality of everyday life.


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