Riding West by Emma Wildes

Samhain Publishing

Historical Western

ISBN: 1-59998-846-1

Reviewed by Tanya



Parker has been sweet on Celia for years; everyone, including Celia, knows this.  The problem is that he seems to be a little too sweet for Celia.  She wants a man who will take charge and excite her.  So when Parker asks her to marry him, she turns him down flat.

Parker is stunned and decides to finally stop playing nice and take what he wants.  So he plans for a day when most of her family is out of town and kidnaps her right off her front porch and rides off with her “into the sunset”.  Celia is angered and stunned.  But when it becomes clear what he plans to do with her, she is also aroused.  Will she finally agree to be his bride?

Ms. Wildes sets the pace of this wild and hot story right from the weather to the characters.  Riding West is well put together and you can imagine just how long Parker put up with Celia until he was pushed just a little too far.  It was fun to see how the characters interacted and how each reacted to the other.  Add to the fact that Ms. Wildes can surely write an erotic love scene and you get a quick spicy read with Riding West.


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