Return To Me by Catherine Berlin

Cerridwen Press

Sensual Paranormal Romance

ISBN 9781419912726

Reviewed by Nannette



Trevor Harrison is a police forensics technician. He receives a call from a woman named Maureen Randall who tells him not to use his weapon that day, so he doesnít. Maureenís advice saves Trevorís life so he goes to see her and thank her.

Maureen is devastated when Trevor doesnít recognize her. Through the centuries she has known him as Alexander. Maureen and Alexander have been lovers separated time and time again. BŠtair has spent the last seven hundred years tracking them down then killing them.  This time, BŠtair is using Walter Grahamís body to carry out his deed.

Instead of running from Walter, Maureen follows him. She is determined to end this viscous cycle so that she and Trevor can finally be together forever.  If Maureen canít convince Trevor that what she says is true she wonít have a chance though. Their journey takes them back to where it all began, but can they stop Walter before he kills them, again?

Return To Me is a very romantic story. I love the glimpses into Maureen and Trevorís past. Those scenes add depth and meaning to Maureen and Trevorís relationship. Return To Me is a suspenseful, exciting and interesting story.  


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