Restless By Nicole Austin

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419914133

Reviewed by Ley



Not one to settle in one place too long, Jamie Stratham was used to picking up and traveling the globe whenever the mood struck him.  He wasnít looking to be tied down to anyone and the one woman who could have possibly tempted him was marrying his best friend.  He was very happy for them, but that sealed his fate to be a confirmed bachelor or so he thought.  Meeting the brideís maid of honor will quickly have Jamie thinking otherwise.

It took just one look at Jamie for Rachel Davis to form the opinion that he was a self-absorbed womanizer and she didnít want anything to do with him, regardless of the fact he was the sexiest man she had ever seen.  Finding out he was the best man at her best-friendís wedding and she had no choice but to be around him, Rachel summoned up all her willpower to resist becoming a forgotten one-night stand.


From the start reading Restless definitely made me anxious to see how things were going to unfold between Rachel and Jamie.  Nicole Austinís sequel to Enough, where we first met Jamie along with Carolyn and Gray, was definitely one steamy, sexy story.  At first I thought Rachelís attitude toward Jamie was too hostile but then Ms. Austin gave us a peek into Rachelís true feelings and they were far from hostile.  ItĎs a toss up on what was hotter, Rachelís imagination of what she would like to do with Jaime, or the act itself.  These two are great together and their story was a fun one to read about.  As I mentioned this is a sequel and I do suggest reading Enough before reading Restless, incidents in the first book are referred to in Restless.


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