Redemption's Ride by BA Tortuga

Torquere Press

M/M Historical Western Paranormal

ISBN: 1-934166-18-9, 978-1-934166-18-5

Reviewed by Ley



Unable to remember all thatís happened to him, Hawk travels alone, keeping to the shadows with only his horse Fred for companionship.  With visible scars, the worse left by a hangmanís noose, and not able to remember all of his past, Hawk doesn't take kindly to strangers, but there is something about the gang of misfits whose camp he stumbles upon that makes him less jumpy than normal.  Although Preacher, the leader of these misfits, makes him a bit anxious.

Preacher travels the badlands, spreading the word of the Lord with those he trusts with his life; a mute Apache, a three-legged dog, and an Englishman who canít hold his beans. Repenting from his past life of robbing and killing, this is his salvation and finding Hawk is a gift from God.

Redemption's Ride is a gritty, dark, eerie, and very emotional story.  Everyone in this story knows what hell is like on a personal level and they learned first hand there was indeed a deliverance from evil.  Hawk and Preacher are not the romantic hearts and flowers couple. They have a raw need and strong passion for each other.  They know it was not just luck but the will of God that brought them to each other, and they know there is much evil and demons to fight to stay together.  Redemptionís Ride will grab you and not let you go. Once I started it, I was glued to it until I finished.


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