Raw by Kate Hill

Heartís Blood: Book 2

Changeling Press

Vampire/Light BDSM (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59596-765-7

Reviewed by Sabella



Gideon has been in love with his Master, Ivan, for the last 800 years, but being afraid of ruining their relationship, Gideon has never said anything.  However, when Ivan offers Gideon a boon for his faithful service Gideon asks for one night with Ivan as his Master of Ecstasy.  Will this night of physical closeness bind them closer together or forever push them apart?

Heartís Blood: Raw is a sensual journey to the deepest secrets kept in the heart.  Gideon and Ivan come together in such explosive passion that it will leave you panting for breath and wishing for a longer story involving these two men.  Ivan is the quintessential strong and silent type, while Gideon is a softer man more willing to express his emotions.  For a tale with a little bit of kink, a lot of hot man-love and plenty of passion pick up Heartís Blood: Raw the next time you go shopping!


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