Ravished by Fawn Lowery

eXtasy Books

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Lisa



Ten years of marriage and now Silvia is lucky if John finds time to make love to her once a week.  A vacation to Florida with hot beaches and sultry warm evenings should hopefully get their sex life jumping again, at least Silvia hopes so.

Yet again, John chooses work over love, so Silvia decides to go to Florida on her own.  Silvia’s glad she’s not sitting at home, but she is lonely.  Then she is kidnapped off the beach by at least two men who proceed to ravish her.  Is this turning out to be a nightmare or a fantasy come true?  It’s up to Silvia to decide the answer to that question.

Fast and scorching hot, Ravished was a seductive interlude that made my body sweat and my heart beat faster.  Clever writing made what could be a negative experience into something fun, positive, and spontaneous.  Ravished will leave readers panting for more of the same.


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