Ranger’s Woman by Samantha Winston

Total-e-Bound Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-906328-14-6

Reviewed by Cassie



Marine Fontaine’s only real love in life is the boat she leases, The Ranger.  She takes people on cruises around the Virgin Islands and the surrounding areas, sailing with a small crew and enjoying being on the water.  She’s crushed when she finds out that the boat’s owner is planning to sell it, but despite her unhappiness she prepares to take the man and his potential buyer for a two-week cruise.  The last thing she expects is to like the owner, Edgar, or to be attracted to his guest, Scott Kelsey.  Though she was hurt badly by her ex-fiancée and Scott seems to her to be very arrogant, she succumbs to the attraction. 

Scott Kelsey has had bad luck with love.  His first fiancée died in an accident, and his second, a flighty model, left him.  When he finds himself wanting Marine, he tries to convince himself she’s another empty-headed, useless female.  Slowly he begins to discover that he might not be right about Marine, however.  Can two wounded people find love before it’s too late?

Ranger’s Woman features wonderful descriptions of places I haven’t been, but wish I had!  Samantha Winston’s depictions of the various islands were so vivid I felt I could almost see many of the locales as I read.  I also liked her depiction of island culture and people, which seemed very realistic.  Unfortunately, despite the wonderful settings, I just couldn’t get into Ranger’s Woman.  Scott initially came across as abrasive, arrogant, and presumptuous.  While he improved somewhat over the course of the story, I had a hard time wanting him and Marine to get together.  Another thing that prevented me from connecting with the story was the storyline itself, which in my mind had too many conflicts.  There is a lot of action in the book, especially toward the end, but there were a couple of places where I just couldn’t suspend disbelief.  If you like exotic locales and very dramatic stories, you may like this book, but despite the excellent descriptions it wasn’t my cup of tea.


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