Pyromancer by Amanda Young

Loose Id

M/M Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-589-0

Reviewed by Ley



Losing his family at a young age and having a strange ability to control fire were a few of the many reasons Christian vowed to never let any one get close to him.  The pain of losing someone he loved was hard enough, but the possibility that he could lose control and be the cause of it was to much to bear.  Condemning himself to a lonely life, Christian's only satisfaction was being able to use his fire control ability to help save lives as a volunteer fireman.  He tries to believe that would be enough, but that was before his need for intimate human contact prompts him to call a male escort service and he meets Tanner.

Selling his body is not what Tanner would have ever imagined himself doing, but when his father died leaving debts that needed to be paid, Tanner had no other options.  Taking a date with Christian, Tanner closes himself off and set about to do his job as usual, but his time with Christian was different from all the other johns.  Tanner found himself wanting Christian's touch and thinking about him long after he left the motel room. 

Pyromancer's Tanner and Christian were two people that definitely needed each other.  They were two very lonely souls craving love but were too stubborn to allow it in.  Tanner didn't want handouts or to be a burden to anyone, and Christian feared emotional connections that could cause him to lose control of more than just his emotions.  I enjoyed this story although I would have liked more insight as to how and why Christian obtained his fire control ability, even though I felt that other than a few scenes it wasn't really a major factor to the story.  Pyromancer has a few intense moments added to a sweet love story that makes it a very enjoyable read.


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