Project MANagement by Kirra Pierce

Loose Id

Non-traditional contemporary (M/M/F/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-594-4

Reviewed by Sabella



Belle has been a disciplined soul since she was a child and her “stooges” just know how to drive her insane!  She has been dating Larry, Stanley, and John individually – but now they have bet her that she would not be willing to surrender control to them for one night.  But when Belle takes them up on their bet will she end up with more than she scheduled?

Larry, Stanley, and John are bargaining that Belle’s curiosity and competitiveness will gain her attention but will it help them secure Belle in their lives?  All three men want to be Belle’s lover but they don’t want to give up being lovers between themselves.  Will Belle accept them as they are?

Project MANagement is a fun and sexy romp that will have you sweating from the get-go.  Belle is funny and witty as the narrator of the story.  As the men are mostly pictures as observed and understood by Belle – their feelings are not as strong, but they all manage to come across as enjoyable characters.  Still, while the romance angle is hard to believe between all four characters Kirra Pierce does manage to convey quite strongly the possibility of love between them.    Project MANagement is an amusing and sensual story that is a very enjoyable read.


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