Private Dances by BA Tortuga


ISBN: 1-934166-43-X, 978-1-934166-43-7

M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley



The hours are flexible, it pays the bills and gives him time to study for his classes, was how Dale, a poor college student from Texas viewed his job as an exotic dancer.  This was not something he planned to do for the rest of his life, just until he finished paying his way through school.  Dale very rarely agreed to private dances but sometimes the money was too much to refuse.  Dancing for the charismatic stranger was somewhat of turn-on for Dale, and when he returned the following week asking for Dale again, Dale couldn't believe his luck.

Adriano 'Gen' Genovese, tried to pretend that he wasn't as taken by the young dancer as he was.  A wealthy businessman from the Amalfi Coast, in Houston on business, he did not find being dragged to a strip club fun but when he laid eyes on Dale, he knew he had to see him again.  Gen found he wanted to know everything about Dale, and the more he learned the more he wanted to hold on to him and never let him go. 

Private Dances was sweet.  Even though he was an exotic dancer, Dale was portrayed as innocent and aside from the dancing he really was.  Dancing was his job, not who he was, he had dreams and goals that he was determined to meet on his own.  As much as Gen wanted to and offered to help him, Dale refused, he wanted to stand with Gen as his own man and not as his kept boy toy.  Dale never wanted Gen to ever think he was with him for his money.  Gen's pride in showing Dale his homeland and sharing what he loved with Dale was so sweet. In return he shared in Dale's life without looking down upon him for being simpler in taste.  For readers looking for plenty of sex, BA Tortuga does not disappoint you.  I could have passed on a few of the sex passages for a bit more of Gen and Dale exploring each other’s lives and seeing how they would fit.


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