Premonition by Lynn LaFleur

Torrid Tarot, Seven of Cups

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419914799

Reviewed by Willow



Kari Winchester has visions, but because no one has ever believed her, they have never helped anyone. But when a young girl’s life depends on her, Kari is determined that this time she won’t be too late. Now she just has to convince the girl’s family that she is there to help. Her offer of help only meets with the suspicion that she is the girl’s kidnapper. Even so, Kari is determined that she will not give up.

Slade Blackstone is sure that Kari is only after money, and he doesn’t believe her when she says she’s had visions of his sister. Slade’s gut tells him that Kari could never hurt anyone, but will his stubborn denial cost his sister her life?

Premonition is hot! But I wouldn’t expect anything less from Ms. LaFleur. I haven’t been disappointed with any of her books yet. The chemistry between Kari and Slade is enough to set the pages on fire…if they were in print. I love that Slade’s inner caveman comes out to play at the best times. This story is enough to feed my fantasies for many days...or weeks or…more


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