Pregnancy Plan by Tina Gayle

Wild Rose Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60154-113-9

Reviewed by Ley



Jillian Wilson wants a baby.  She has plenty of ideas on how the get one, but having a weekend of hot sex with her brotherís best-friendís brother who happens to be her ex- boyfriend was not one of them.  Jillian has always cared about Derrick, he broke her heart once and she doesnít want to be in that position again, but she also canít deny how much she wants him. 

After their whirlwind weekend, Derrick had to go back to his job out of the country.  When an explosion on the job leaves him with selective amnesia, he returns to a very pregnant Jillian.  Knowing itís wrong of her to take advantage of Derrickís predicament, Jillian couldnít help but enjoy being Derrickís wife and the mother of his child.  Will her perfect life built on a lie continue when Derrick gets his memory back?

Pregnancy Plan is a very cute story with several sub plots to keep readers interested.  I enjoyed it, I liked the characters and Tina Gayle has a really nice writing style.  Jillian and Derrick are sweet together even though they both are very guarded with their feelings.  In the moments when they let their guards down and open themselves up to each other itís very obvious these two were meant to be together.  I liked Pregnancy Plan and Iím positive many others will enjoy it as well.


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