Potent Spirits by Aurora Black

Heat Sheet: Frost


Fantasy Christmas/Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59426-801-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Vivian hates the Christmas season.  She has ever since her mother died in a house fire on Christmas Eve ten years ago, and then a year ago, she also was in a house fire on the same fateful date.  One good thing did come out of her near death experience.  She got to meet super sexy fireman Caleb Blackwell.  Now at least all of her fantasies have a starring lead man.  But she has pretty much let her past keep her from approaching him, and is home on Christmas Eve.  Her heater is on the fritz and she is left to watch old Christmas specials.

But the fates have something else in store for her.  She is approached by her own three Christmas Spirits—Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future—to take her on a journey to show her how she is locking up her heart and may miss out on a chance for love. 

This story has a big twist on the traditional story, in the way the hunks travel through time.  This catapults Vivian on the most revealing and erotic journey of her life.

Potent Spirits is definitely not your kids’ version of A Christmas Carol.  This version is super erotic and deals with a number of insecurities in one young woman.  Ms. Black has taken an interesting classic Christmas story and found a new use for the different ghosts.  Potent Spirits is a quick read and you will enjoy it if you enjoy a fast-paced erotic read.


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