Positions Vacant by Kara Larson

Torquere Press

Gay Paranormal

Reviewed by Cassie



Adrian is happily spending an evening at home, folding laundry, when there’s an unexpected knock on his door.  He’s had a great deal of experience with oddness due to growing up in a Renaissance Faire family and having a special-effects artist sister.  Still, the costume and makeup on the “demon” at his door are uncannily realistic.  Could this Halloween night turn out to offer unexpected treats?

Positions Vacant is an interesting and surprising read.  Adrian’s past as a “Rennie” and his current status as a perma-student made him an unusual hero, but I liked that.  I really liked sexy, clueless Bael, the demon who appears on Adrian’s doorstep.  Kara Larson penned a fun, different little tale that’s sure to please anyone in the mood for an amusing and unexpected read.


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