Pixie’s Prisoner by Lacey Savage

Rookery Cove, Book 10

Changeling Press

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-858-6

Reviewed by Lisa



A hot, loud rowdy bar where two people meet and have a single carnal encounter that shatters every previous sexual experience they ever knew.  They go their own way also never knowing the other isn’t human.

Scientist and Pixie, Laela Lea has been working literally non-stop for 18 months on a formula at Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs she’s named Cum-a Chameleon using a computer generated model based on a guy Laela met the night before she came to the island.

Joining the marines seemed like a good career choice for Nathaniel ‘Nathan’ Alexis and it was for a while, before his superior witnessed his special talent.  Now, all he wants to do is destroy the people who made his life a living hell.  The only thing that kept his sanity intact was a moment of bliss so long ago with a mystery woman.

Destiny, chance or luck brought them together once at a crucial moment.  Would they ever be so lucky again?

The latest offering from Rookery Cove is the delightful and delectable Pixie’s Prisoner.  There’s nothing like a lusty pixie with problems in her laboratory matched up with a hot and honorable man who’s been betrayed by the people he trusted most.  I’m a big fan of the Rookery Cove series and this is a sexy and enchanting addition not to be missed!


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