Phantom Lover by A.J. Llewellyn

eXtasy Books

M/M Romance

ISBN: 1-55410-996-5

Reviewed by Ley



Bobby Kikawa has always had a strong admiration and a huge crush on famed hula dancer Kimo Wilder.  Bobby’s admiration turned into a lustful obsession after he saw the erotic painting Kimo posed for, seductively called Phantom Lover.  A hula dancer himself, Bobby couldn’t believe his luck when he was personally chosen by Kimo to be a part of one of Kimo’s shows.  Bobby saw this, as his opportunity to seduce the man he has been fantasizing about regardless of the fact Kimo was married - and not gay.

Kimo had no idea what to make of Bobby, he was used to having admirers and being flirted with, but mostly by women.  Bobby’s bold flirtation and how he knew so much about Kimo intrigued him and frightened him, especially when he began to develop a strong attraction to Bobby.

Bobby was very persistent in his pursuit of making Kimo his own private Phantom Lover.  He seemed to have a habit of acting before thinking.  Kimo was much bigger and stronger than Bobby and with him not knowing if Kimo would be accepting of a man flirting with him he was taking a huge risk of not only being out of a job that could be a big boost for his career but also taking the chance of getting beaten to a pulp.  But to Bobby’s credit, his persistence paid off and he and Kimo entered into one hot love affair.  Kimo turned out to be a true romantic in how he cared and loved Bobby, but of course their relationship hit a rocky road in the form of Kimo’s wife.  I wasn’t really sure how I felt about her, my feelings kept switching from pity to animosity where she was concerned.  Other obstacles the lovers had to face included Bobby’s insecurities, his fear of being hurt, as was the case with his ex-boyfriend Johnny who also plays a role in his and Kimo relationship.  I felt for Kimo a little more than Bobby.  Bobby was the pursuer of this relationship with little care of interfering with what he believed at the time was a happy marriage between Kimo and his wife.  Phantom Lover contained a lot of deception and hidden affairs, it was hard to believe anything anyone said.  The one true thing that could be believed was the love that grew between Bobby and Kimo.


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