Owned by L.A. Day

Adventures in Space, Book 1

Changeling Press

Futuristic, Sci-Fi

ISBN:  978-1-59596-928-6

Reviewed by Jambrea



John Blaten is an ex-commander and prisoner of war.  He is sold off to his wife and is hoping for the wedding night they never had.

Aurelia Giat ran away after she married John.  He was a traitor and she couldnít join him.  Her loyalty was and is to her brother.  She thought John was their friend and canít understand why he became a traitor.

Will Aurelia overcome Johnís betrayal?  Can John convince Aurelia that he is still the one for her?

Owned is a fast and fun romp.  L.A. Day knows how to pack a punch with her characters.  Even her secondary characters are great.  Ro is fun comic relief and even though he is a droid, I hope he gets his own story. 

Aurelia and John make up for lost time in Owned and it is one hot journey well worth the ride.


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