Out of the Dark by JoAnn Smith Ainsworth

Samhain Publishing

Historical Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-941-7

Reviewed By Tori



Lady Lynnet, the blind daughter of Wilfgive of Osfrith, finds herself lost in the castle her cousin the King owns.  While trying to find her way back she overheard some men threatening the Crown. When her rescuer has the same voice as one of the villains she is not sure whom she can trust, but Lynnet quickly learns that she can trust Basil with much more than her safety.  She can trust him with her heart.

Basil of Ipswich, Sheriff of London, quickly acts on Lynnetís charges and finds himself falling for her.  He wants her for his own despite his humble background.  He must find the people that are threatening not only the King, but the woman he loves as well.

Out of the Dark is an interesting book.  Lynnet is not made out to be a weakling despite her blindness, except by her parents.  Basil does not seem to be bothered by her blindness at all. I was thrilled that it did not rely too heavily on antique language, though people that like historical accuracy in language will not like the few modern phrases thrown in.


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