Orchids and Orgasms by Alyssa Brooks and Larissa Lyons

Naughty Nuptials

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419911477

Reviewed by Raine



While performing a routine repair job in his garage, Nate’s heart begins to ache when he learns his ex-girlfriend Alexis is tying the knot. He makes the snap decision to find her and see if she is really in love with this guy or just marrying him for social status. When he finds her at the church preparing things for the wedding the next day, it take a lot of convincing to get her to go with him to do some talking. However, when the talking turns into something more, Alexis has a huge decision to make.

Alexis is getting married. She likes the guy and it seems like the thing to do until Nate shows up and makes her body hum. Something Bradley has never been able to elicit from her. Nate is still completely in love with the little debutante and even though he doesn’t feel like he can give her the life she deserves, he’s sure Bradley will make Alexis miserable and he cannot let that happen.

Orchids and Orgasms is the embodiment of knight in shining armor sweeping in to save the fair princess. Only in this tale it’s a mechanic saving the debutante from a life of sadness and despair and replacing it with love and passion. Alyssa Brooks and Larissa Lyons collaboratively wrote a story with a “…and they lived happily ever after” that will leave you with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Orchids and Orgasms was a wonderful quick read that I loved.


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