Opening Act by B.A. Tortuga

Boys in the Band, Book 1

Torquere Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60370-064-1

Reviewed by Lisa



Asked by his boyhood friend Joe to join his band for part of their tour, Caidon Jeffers meets up with the band and immediately sets his interest on the lead guitar player Spud.  Caidon is singing lead with Joe at the concerts and hopes to play lead with Spud if heís lucky.  There is just something about the little guy that totally gets to Caidon.

Spud has bounced around all the band members usually just for night time cuddles but sometimes for more.  He doesnít want to hurt anyoneís feelings after being so open and free with his sexual needs but this may just be something special and exclusive.  Spud wonders if this just might be the best thing to ever come his way.

Boys in the Band: Opening Act is fun, fast-paced and deliciously sensual.  At the beginning it did take me a page or two to get the characters sorted out because the story starts fast and there are a lot of people, but I did love the characters with their humor, wit and a believable freshness to them.  The love story between Caidon and Spud is very touching and sexy.  Thereís a raw sensuality to Caidon and naÔve sweetness to Spud that jumps off the story.  If you enjoy the Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles then this new series by author B. A. Tortuga is definitely one you donít want to miss.  Iím bouncing around like Spud waiting for the next book to appear!


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