On Wings of Blue by Anne Cain

Samhain Publishing

Historical Fantasy (M/M)

ISBN: 1-59998-689-2

Reviewed by Sabella



Eiji has a life that while not easy, had suited his needs.  He was part of a traveling group of musicians and they earned their food and shelter by playing well.  Eiji has always attracted attention due to his skill playing the shamisen and his ethereal beauty – attention that has always made him uncomfortable and shy.  However, when they arrive into a rural town the local War Lord takes an interest in Eiji, an interest that Eiji can’t refuse if he values his life.  But as Eiji is trapped in the War Lord’s castle, his spirit begins to wilt and he seeks refuge in the garden.  Will the company of a beautiful butterfly that seems to understand him be enough to help Eiji survive his “employment”?

On Wings of Blue is an interesting tale full of ethereal elements and romance.  Eiji is a young man who is trapped by circumstance into a life that he does not wish for himself.  As he seeks to escape his servitude he becomes attached to a butterfly that visits him daily, but as the butterfly becomes a man, Eiji has a chance to escape.  I found Eiji hard to like as he seems to be a reed carried in the current, letting himself be pushed through life rather than being an active participant.  As Hakusa turns from butterfly to man he becomes the driving force in Eiji’s life rather than a partner.  However, as these two men come together they are sure to melt your heart as they heat up the screen.  Pick up On Wings of Blue for a day you want a tale of fantasy and romance.


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