On The Sand by Sean Michael

A Jarheads Novel

Torquere Press

Contemporary Romance - Erotic M/M Ménage

ISBN 978-1-60370-219-5

Reviewed by Nannette



California suits Rock, Rig, and Dick just fine. Their careers are going well, their relationship is as strong as ever, but Rig has started feeling sick and he’s hiding it from his men. When things get worse he finally gets some help, but is it too late? Rock and Dick are angry, scared and worried. Will Rock’s over protectiveness do more harm than good?

On The Sand has a lot of sex, amusing antics, and witty banter between Rock, Rig, and Dick. I was so worried about Rig and I could feel Rock and Dick’s, especially Rock’s feelings of helplessness too. There’s a good story in On The Sand, but sometimes the sex overshadows it because there’s so much of it. I love Rock, Rig and Dick.  I love the way they interact with each other and I love them individually.  I do think Dick is a bit left out sometimes though. I found myself wishing On The Sand had more story and less sex but then I thought, Rock, Rig, and Dick wouldn’t be Rock, Rig, and Dick if they weren’t nailing each other to every available surface all the time, so as far as I’m concerned On The Sand is just as it should be.


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