On The Road by Sean Michael

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Nannette



Kyle and Mike are truck driving partners. They pass their time on long drives teasing each other mercilessly until one of them pulls over to play.  Truck stops are for sex first and food second.  They travel with personal baggage from their pasts that sometimes bring them down but together they find everything they need to keep them going.  When they hit a small bump in the road, the depth of their partnership is tested.

On The Road is pure sex.  Sometimes it's hard and fast, sometimes it's slow and sweet.  It's almost non-stop, and it's blazing hot! Mike and Kyle had me laughing a lot. Aside from the hot sex, On The Road is a story about two men traveling the road of life, hoping to stay together.  It's a sweaty, sexy, love story with a slightly bittersweet ending; Mike's new path has him losing something important to him but he also gains something really special.


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