On the Edge by Shannon Stacey

Devlin Group, Book 2

Samhain Publishing

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 1-59998-445-8

Reviewed by Jo



Tony Casavetti works for the Devlin Group.  His job is one of undercover danger and quite often, the only thing he can depend on besides himself is the calm voice at the other end of his link.  A voice that only has a name but not a face.  That is about to end as he and the rest of the group have been called into meeting in New York City.  Tony knows that Charlotte is efficient and calm in all circumstances; he also knows that she can be ruthless and guesses that she is a matronly lady.

Charlotte Rhames is the executive assistant to the Devlin Group, a job she loves and is respected at.  She knows most people take her for only how she appears: rich and beautiful.  Charlotte can’t wait to meet Tony. She knows everything about him, but has never actually met the man.  Charlotte has many expectations for their meeting, which she is hoping, ends in her home.

Tony is stunned when he actually discovers the person behind the voice is the young and sexy woman who came to pick him up.   This shock is just the beginning of the events that will put the entire Devlin Group on high alert.  When the group is attacked, they discover it was an inside job.  Charlotte knows she is the only one who can get to the person behind the attack, but it will mean going back into a world she swore never to visit again.  Tony won’t let Charlotte go into danger alone, but when things go horribly wrong, both of them have to depend on the voices and abilities of the people on the other end of the links. 

On the Edge brings back the characters from the Devlin Group and this time is Charlotte’s turn to get her happy ever after.  But when you are a member of this group, nothing is ever easy and that includes love.  Tony has been put down most of his life because of his background – the same one that makes him perfect in his undercover work.  Charlotte has worked hard over the years to remove herself from her past and now she must face it again to save the others.  Danger feeds passion, and Tony and Charlotte already had the flames rising even before the danger happened.  I was never happier than when Tony and Charlotte made it out okay only to have them tear each other apart.  It made me want to knock their heads together, but I was rewarded in the end with a perfect ending.  Suspense stories have always been able to hold me in their grip. Ms. Stacey did one even better and wouldn’t let me put the book down until the last word had been read.  On the Edge is sexy, full of danger, and has two main characters I just had to back.  It is also a book I will be rereading time and again, as will you, I’m sure.


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