Nuit Aux Trois by Melinda Barron

Resplendence Publishing

Erotic romance, M/M/F

Reviewed by Elysia



Quinn Nicholas has been living with Dev and Fletch for the past three years.  But not the way she wants to be.  She has been renting the extra second floor bedroom, all along wishing to share their master bedroom with them.  But she knows that’s never going to happen.  Dev and Fletch are in a committed relationship.  They are gay.  She is a female.  End of issue. 

At least, that’s what she thinks.  Until the two ghost hunters coerce her into going with them to check out a haunted plantation the week of Halloween.  What she learns about the present and what they all learn about the past changes everything. 

In writing Nuit Aux Trois, Melinda Barron took on what I feel is a difficult task—writing about an established couple welcoming a third into their lives, and convincing that third that there is a possibility of being more than friends.  Often times I read stories that come off sounding contrived and just wrong.  Ms. Barron managed to write this relationship and present it in a believable manner, making this story one of the better ones I have read dealing with that issue.  Giving the three of them a history together and strong reasons for their actions made it all the more real for me.  The only real problem I had with this book was the names.  Quinn, Dev and Fletch.  Two of the three were close enough to being asexual names that I found myself thrown off more than once and having to remind myself who was who and had what equipment.  Now, having said that, I will say that I enjoyed this story.  Between the modern budding romance and the story of a misunderstood love triangle from over two hundred years ago added in, you have a very enjoyable read.


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