Nothing Stays in Vegas by Moira McTark

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-028-8

Reviewed by:  Vivian


After a run of bad relationships, Caleb is finally ready to find that special someone.  He hopes it’s going to be Lara, the maid of honor at his friend’s wedding.  They’ve never met in person, but they’ve been steaming up the Internet for weeks.

Lara is ready to meet the man she has been chatting online with,but her spoiled, troublemaker sister has other plans.  She needs Lara to lie for her or risk ruining the wedding.  After weeks of cyber sex with Cal, she thinks he could be the one.  In order to keep her promise to her sister, Lara tries to resist her attraction to Cal, but she cannot. 

I loved these two characters.  Cal, who’s paying the price for a bad relationship and a mistake in Las Vegas.  Lara, who’s trying to protect her sister.  They dance around each other fighting their attraction – for different reasons. But when these two finally get together, the sex is explosive – you’ll love the scene in the boathouse.  Throw in the spoiled sister’s schemes, all the lies they’ve got to sort through and you’ve got a great read.  Nothing Stays in Vegas is a definite must read and you will thoroughly enjoy it.


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