No Ordinary Love by Karen Wiesner

Incognito Series, Book 1

Whiskey Creek Press

Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by Katherine



Fifteen years and Vincent Carson Ė that is all that Kira Gunn knew about her life.  She was twenty-five years old, but she couldnít remember anything before that day when sixteen-year-old Vincent rescued her.  She didnít know her true name, who her parents were, or where she was from.

She knew that they had run when Vincent first found her.  He had also taught her how to protect herself, and where to go if he sensed danger.  But what was this danger?  She ran a large corporation, wasnít totally inconspicuous, but nobody had ever disturbed their lives.

Could she truly trust Vincent?  As Kira starts to exert her wishes to learn more about her past, Vincent keeps pushing back, avoiding her questions, and preventing her from learning more.  Kira doesnít know if this is because there truly is someone after them, or maybe Vincent himself was not someone she should trust.

No Ordinary Love was an emotional read.  It is obvious that Vincentís entire world revolves around Kira.  He gave up everything to focus on Kiraís safety, well-being, and happiness.  He had devoted everything he was to her.  For him, this should be enough, but Kira needs more.  She wants to know what happened all those years ago.  Since nothing has threatened them since, she believes the past is over and they are safe.  Personally, I was firmly in Vincentís corner.  He is a hero any woman would be thrilled to have.  While I could understand Kiraís uncertainties, I couldnít help but feel she acted a bit like a spoiled child.  Still, I could excuse her, to some extent, since there was no way for Kira to truly comprehend the enormity of their danger when Vincent wasnít completely open with her.

No Ordinary Love was also a thrilling suspense as Vincent and Kira face the past.  It is unknown if anyone can be considered friend, but everyone is a potential foe.  Without giving spoilers, I will simply say I loved the help they received.  It was unique.  I am thrilled that additional stories in this series are already available and am eager to read them.


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