Night Song By Sharon Cullen

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-688-4

Reviewed by Chris



Amy Carmichael is a single mom raising three kids without child support from her cheating attorney ex-husband. Barely able to make ends meet, the only time she has to herself is after the kids are asleep. Then she steals off to her porch with a glass of wine. Itís here she encounters her sexy and reclusive next door neighbor.

Thereís a reason Aiden Reed prowls around at night and has replaced his normal house windows with tinted glass. Heís a several-hundred-year-old vampire. Part of a vampire police force, heís come to town to track and kill a rogue vampire. Aiden spends his free time watching Amy and pining for a life and a family he canít have.

Add a deranged killer, a Boy Scout outing, and a lightly touched upon and forbidden practice of changing vampires into humans. Shake well.

I have mixed feelings about this story. On one hand, Ms. Cullen created an intriguing vampire story -- no easy task in the glutted vampire marketplace. On the other hand, I feel the storyís somewhat short length detracts from an otherwise pleasurable read. Several plot points could have been more fully addressed if the story would have been stretched to novel length. The romantic scenes are very well written though if you are looking for a highly erotic piece, you may be disappointed. All in all, Night Song will satisfy your fang fixation, so donít hesitate to add it to your vampire or paranormal collection.


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