Nights of Desire By Marilyn Lee

Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Interracial Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419912085

Reviewed by Ley



Tempest was ready to be a mother, but she didn’t want a serious relationship.  Losing her fiancée nine years ago took away Tempest’s belief in love, marriage and forever.  Her plan was to pick a donor to father her child and to raise her child as a single parent. Those plans changed when acting on impulse, Tempest gives into her attraction and experiences a night of passion with her soon to be ex-boss and friend, Layton Grayhawk.

Layton has had strong feelings for Tempest for years, and he wants more than a one-night stand with her.  When she agrees to be with him and have him as the father of her baby Layton begins to think he’ll finally have everything he’s ever wanted, that is until morning after thoughts have Tempest backing away from him.

Nights of Desire was a good story and it had some fun moments that made me smile and laugh.  I liked Layton and thought his family was a great odd bunch with all their spiritual beliefs and passions.  I had a difficult time understanding Tempest and her feelings.  I wasn’t sure what type of personality Marilyn Lee was trying to get across for her and how she wanted the reader to feel about her.  I was honestly annoyed with her most of the time, and I thought Layton had the patience of a saint to put up with her.  Benai, Tempest‘s closest friend was great, she and the host of supporting characters with their quirky personalities were a positive addition to Nights of Desire.


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