Night Rythym by Charlene Teglia

The Sirens

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-888-7

Reviewed by Erys



Valentine has been alone for a long time. Hed once lost the love of his life, and in hopes of finding her when she was reborn, he requested to become a vampire. Fortunately, he finds her. Unfortunately, she doesnt remember him or their love. In fact, shes not even sure hes her type. Even after Valentine gives her the necklace hed originally gifted to her centuries ago, and awakens dreams that Lisa cant be sure are just that. Dreams.

Night Rhythm is a great vampiric love story. A monogamous relationship and with a vampire to boot! I love the fact that the hero had remained faithful to her after all those centuries. I think Charlene Teglia has crafted wonderful characters and blends them together in a way that left me satisfied. Night Rhythm has a cover that truly reflects the story within. Fabulous.


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