Night Moves, Volume 1 by Matt Brooks, Erastes, Kiernan Kelly, Kira Stone

Aspen Mountain Press

M/M Vampire

ISBN: 978-1-60168-083-9

Reviewed by Ley



“Theron's Boys” by Kiernan Kelly

With the offering of the opportunity to be forever young and beautiful, vampire Theron seduced beautiful young boys into the life of immortality.  He failed to mention that once converted they will be under his control and their lives will be his to do with as he pleases.

“Theron’s Boys” is great story.  It shows that it only takes one person to take a stand and the rest will find the strength to follow.  My heart went out to Christian, David and all the young men who believed the fantasy Theron fed them, only to find the reality to be immortal hell.


“Inferno” by Matt Brooks

Blaise wasn’t a predator and could never be a killer.  Left in limbo between being mortal and being a vampire, Robert offers Blaise the chance to complete his transformation.

“Inferno” is really sweet, there is something very compassionate and loving about Blaise and Robert, even though they have only just met.  Robert offers Blaise a choice between immortal life and death.  Left in limbo by another vampire who began his transformation and stopped, Blaise appreciated Robert’s patients and understanding in helping him make this life altering decision. “Inferno” is a sweet story that could have been great if it was a little bit longer.


“Chiaroscuro” by Erastes

Michel owed a debt of gratitude to his Patron, Bettano, but not just for his generosity to his family, that of which he constantly reminds Michel of whenever possible, but also for being the catalyst that acquaints him with the most beautiful man he ever met.

“Chiaroscuro” is eerily good. The story is narrated by Michel, a young man carrying the huge burden of his family’s welfare, and being indebted to a low life like Bettano.  Being commissioned to paint the portrait of someone so beautiful and passionate changed Michel’s life.  He was in love before he even knew his model’s name and many other facts about him. I liked “Chiarascuro” very much, it’s a very good read.


“Immortal Steps” by Kira Stone's

“You’re either born to be a vampire or you’re not.”  Kyle made the decision to leave Tain, to live a normal life for as long as he could, before his vampire DNA started to take over.  Once Tain’s body began to show evidence of what he was, or could be, Kyle returned to Tain’s life to take him through the final steps of the change.

Immortal Steps is great.  A really unique storyline and Kira Stone did a nice job with it.  I really like Kyle, I found Tain to be a bit of a smartass, but he was entitled after the bombshell that was dropped on him.  Also his defiance added to the fun of the story.

Night Moves is a really good anthology with four fantastic stories written by four authors with great imaginations.  Each story was unique and entertaining. Night Moves anthology is an enjoyable read.


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