Night Heat by Desiree Holt

Ellora’s Cave

Romantic Suspense/ Light Bondage

ISBN: 9781419912153

Reviewed by Indy



Losing the love of her life at the time she needed him most still causes pain for small town girl turned big city success Jill Danvers. Having spent the last ten years of her life honing her craft, Jill finds herself back in Bluebonnet Falls writing a travel piece on an upcoming celebration. Knowing that Gabe Carter is the chairman of the event doesn’t help things since he was the reason she left with her dreams of marriage and forever after shattered to bits. Gabe tried for years to contact Jill after his quick marriage became an even quicker divorce. Having her back in town and available is just what he needs to finally get a chance to show Jill he’s never stopped caring. A travel article turns into a full fledge mystery as Jill stumbles upon discrepancies which involve more than one member of the idyllic community. As Jill attempts to delve deeper into her findings, she and Gabe have a long road to travel if they want to get rid of the pain and distrust still threatening to keep them apart.

Small town values clash with big city greed as Night Heat takes on the story of two past lovers who attempt to find out if what they once shared is truly over. Gabe, an accomplished lawyer, and all around great guy, is just the right type of hero for a story where the settings reminded me of family, fresh air and everything good. That is until Jill, former resident and outcast returns to blow the lid off of the corruption of some of the town’s inhabitants. Desiree Holt created an attention keeping story filled with a lot of emotional upheaval, but not so much that it took away from the sensual love shared by Jill and Gabe. This is a great story for someone interested in the lighter side of handcuffs, blindfolds and light spankings since the romance is still the main focus but the sexual pleasure has just the right touch of naughty.


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