Necessary Temptation by A.D. Christopher

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary Romance/Shapeshifter (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-419-91374-7

Reviewed by Sabella



Dawson Gray has known since he was a small boy that his father expects him to pick up the family mantle of leadership of the pack and that can only be accomplished by mate-claiming Melody.  In order to claim Melody he must endure the mate-claiming challenges – challenges that will test his resolve and sexual control.  As the challenges progress Dawson is manipulated and stimulated by all sorts of attractive men and he must not show any sort of physical reaction at all.  So far, Dawson has been holding on by keeping in mind his goal – claiming Melody and satisfying his father, but when Logan, an Unfree Were, steps up to be Dawson’s next challenge the stakes go up and Dawson’s chances of succeeding go down.

As Logan does his best to arouse Dawson he has only one thing in mind – enjoying the one chance to be able to touch his dream.  But when Dawson reacts to Logan’s touch, Logan grabs the chance to Warrior-Claim Dawson – he only has to catch him…

At the end, will Dawson go with his head or his heart?

Necessary Temptation is a fun and sexy romp that will keep you turning the pages to see who will win the power struggle – Logan or Dawson.  Dawson is a man torn by the expectations placed on him by his family and pride.  At the end he will have to decide what is more important pleasing his family or pleasing himself.  Logan just wants one thing – to have Dawson any way he can have him.  Ideally, Logan would have Dawson as a Warrior-Mate, but given the pressures Dawson’s family is placing on him the best Logan can hope for is a sometime lover.  These two men, as they come together, will set your screen on fire and have you sweating in no time!  Logan and Dawson are so hot together that they will leave you wishing for a couple of extra chapters.  From the very beginning it’s obvious that Logan and Dawson belong together and when they do come together for keeps – the experience is as moving as it is hot! Necessary Temptation will have you hot and bothered while delivering on the romance that will have you rooting for them from the very first page; pick it up the next time you go shopping for a fun and erotic read.


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