Naughty or Nice by Missy Lyons

Christmas Hotties


Contemporary Erotic Romance

Reviewed by Tanya



Jenna and her sister have decided to have a little fun while Christmas shopping.  They decide to get their photo taken with Santa.  While on Santa’s lap, Jenna decides to kiss Santa and no little peck on the cheek either, but a full-blown, tonsil hockey kiss.  The response they feel surprises them both, and Santa (Scott) even has to take a break after, due to the physical reaction he has to her.

Jenna leaves her number with one of the elves and plans to have a fun filled one-night stand, as part of her Christmas presents to herself.  But when the two of them get together, it is explosive.  So even though she still thinks of him, a lot, she won’t call him. 

Scott, on the other hand, decides that he isn’t going to let this one get away.  He is on a full out search to find her again.  When he shows up at work, she will have no way to avoid him and that fits his plans just right.  Will he be able to convince her that this Santa wants more than the one night?

Naughty or Nice shows how being naughty with Santa is much different than just being plain naughty, and there just might be fringe benefits involved.  Ms. Lyons did a great job of pulling me into this fast-paced, highly erotic Christmas story.  She also does a wonderful job in the twist she throws into the normal one-night-stand story.  Naughty or Nice is a fun story to spice up anyone’s post holiday blues.


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