Nature’s Pentacle by Eden Rivers

Loose Id

Witch Paranormal Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-59632-656-9

Reviewed by Willow



The world is dying. Thirteen witches perform a dark, forbidden sex rite. They're desperate, and it’s the only way to reverse the drought that's taken hold and will not let go. But even though they've reversed the effects of the drought, being a witch is still not accepted by the general public, and when the witches performing the rite are “outed” by one of their own, their lives are in danger.

Matt just wants to raise plants and love Kenji, but after he is paired with Lena for the rite he wants her in his life.  Lena is a children’s librarian, whose quiet life is interrupted when her housemate lets the world know that witches are responsible for the earth coming back to life. On the run from a witch hunt, Matt takes Lena to an isolated cabin to hide out.

Kenji arrives and immediately feels the connection between Matt and Lena. He's jealous, and doesn’t want to care about Lena, but as the three of them get closer over the days, Kenji can’t help but start to like Lena. It helps that all three of them have enhanced powers because of their connection. They are all stronger for it.

While trying to come to terms with their growing feelings, the trio helps to battle Jaimis, who is responsible for witches being exposed to the world. It’s all part of his plan to make it possible for witches to freely be witches….with him in control.  But is the fight worth losing everything?

Nature’s Pentacle grabs your attention from the first paragraph. I really like this book and can’t wait for more from Ms. Rivers. The story is intense, the emotions run high, and the sex is HOT! I usually judge a book by whether or not I laugh or cry while I’m reading. Watching Lena work through her feelings of inadequacy and Matt’s conflicting feelings for Kenji and Lena brought tears to my eyes.  This book is absolute must read.


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