Mystic Circle by Bronwyn Green

Torrid Tarot

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419914638

Reviewed by Indy



Jack Duritz never expected to see Becca in the flesh again after being stood up by her and subsequently putting her brother in jail. Seeing her face on the security tape during his investigation is bad enough, but the possibility that she’s responsible for a gruesome murder sickens him to the core. Becca knew calling the police about her vision was taking a chance but the last person she expected to see on her doorstep was the man she’s fantasized about for the past couple of years. A man who believes she’s got something to do with the woman mutilated in his current case. Jack doesn’t believe in psychics and visions but he can’t explain away the things Becca knows or the fact that his jaded soul won’t stop him from finally having Becca where he’s wanted her, in his arms.

I need to be spanked. I don’t know why I’ve slept on the works of such a talented author but Mystic Circle will ensure this is the last story I miss. I tend to enjoy stories with a darker side and a story of a world-weary detective with a soul hardened by life and death called to my need for a thrilling tale. Becca was the perfect match for Jack. Having been personally touched by more death than the average person, it seemed as if their two souls were meant to be; hers calming and soothing, his protective and sizzling. Readers who love the drama that comes with fighting crime and the men who lead the way will find that Mystic Circle was written with them in mind. Now that I know what a gem Bronwyn Green is and how her works speaks to me, I think I will make sure to keep an eye out for all of her future projects.


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