Mysterious Ways by Julia Talbot

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Mťnage Romance

ISBN 0-9748202-8-8

Reviewed by Nannette



Father Jacob Ellory has come to Italy as a scholarship exchange student in art restoration. He has been assigned to research a painting by Matteo Venetti. Venetti is a controversial artist excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church. Jacob is staying at the home of Marco and Cecilia Miggliozzia, the owners of the largest collection of Venetti works. Ceciliaís brothers Damien and Gianni Rossi are staying at the home as well. Damien and Gianni are twins and extremely close, in every way. The Rossi- Miggliozzia families are mysterious and definitely hiding secrets. As Jacob becomes immersed in their family history through his work on Venettiís paintings, he is also taken on a journey of sexual and personal discovery with Damien and Gianni that he didnít initially want to take but ultimately needed to.

The history of Venetti and the Rossi- Miggliozzia family in Mysterious ways is very intriguing, as is Damien and Gianniís relationship. The twins share a unique and sensual bond. Itís beautiful. I love the familyís eccentricity, passion and flare. There is an ethereal almost eerie feel to Mysterious Ways. Jacob takes a journey of self discovery that leads him to Damien and Gianni. The outcome is perfect. I love them together. Incest, a priestís fall from grace and a possible heretic encompass the plot of Mysterious Ways. Itís a very well written and fascinating story.


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